The key event for the Australian Timber Design Awards calendar is its annual Presentation Night/Dinner. It is the Event where, graced by the timber industry government representatives, timber industry business affiliates, timber design and community members, winning projects are made public and trophies presented to the respective designers by the Awards sponsors.

Tickets are made available, and this page updated, when the Awards judging panel have concluded their blind scoring rounds.

Maken Place by PNEU Architects. Image: Jack Lovell

Annual Awards Winners Gala Dinner

Cargo Hall, South Wharf, Melbourne, 6pm November 2nd

We are thrilled to announce that the much-anticipated Australian Timber Design Awards Night is just around the corner! This event is a fantastic celebration of the versatility and aesthetic brilliance of timber in design.

As we gather at the iconic Cargo Hall, prepare to be immersed in a realm of creativity and innovation. The projects unveiled will showcase the boundless possibilities of timber, marking new milestones in sustainable design, structural ingenuity, and aesthetic mastery. Each award category is a reflection of the multifaceted applications and the transformative power of timber in shaping our built environment.

But the Australian Timber Design Awards Night is more than just a ceremony; it’s a celebration of Australian craftsmanship, a convergence of timber enthusiasts, and a wellspring of inspiration for the future. Join us in marvelling at the harmonious blend of functionality, sustainability, and beauty that characterises Australian timber design. Grab your tickets below, and we’ll see you there.

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