On this page you will find answers to common questions and hints about how to enter the Australian Timber Design Awards.


Timber is a beautiful, strong and environmentally friendly material. The Australian Timber Design Awards encourage entries that showcase these properties. Our Award Categories recognise outstanding use of timber in residential buildings and public or commercial buildings.  We wish you well in your participation and encourage you to contact us with any question you may have other than those below.  Good Luck!

The Coffee Box by SYNC Design.  Image: SYNC Design

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Common Q&As

How do I get started?

Just go to the online competition page and register your details.  You will then be able to start a project submission and complete the online forms.

How do I showcase my creativity?
When do registrations start / open?
How do I format my submission photos ?
Can I upload my project's plan(s)?
How much does it cost?
How best to answer a category questionnaire
What is the People’s Choice Award?
How is the Overall Australian Timber Design Award Winner Chosen?
Lots of awards! Which are the high publicity ones?
Who are the Judges?
What are the judges looking for?
Can I enter the same project in different competition years?

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