Winning Project:

Krakani Lumiby Mat Hinds - Taylor and Hinds Architects

Award Finalists:

Compass Small Office Fit Out by Shilpa Mohan - Compass Small Office Fit Out

Limerick House by Lachlan Troup - Solomon Troup Architects

Maitland Riverlink by Joshua Zoeller - CHROFI

Melbourne Office Interior Arena Joinery by Chris Mugeli and Emre Icdem - Himmelzimmer

Treecycle by Ben Percy - Ben Percy Designs

Winning Project Details -

Archtitect: Taylor and Hinds Architects

Structural Engineer: Aldanmark Consulting Engineers

Fabricator: Tasman Windows and Doors

Builder: ARJ Construct

Photographer: Adam Gibson

Location: Mount William National Park, Tasmania

Award sponsor:

Project description:

The Stand Camp - krakani lumi meaning ‘place of rest’, is located in the Mount William National Park. It serves as accommodation for a guided walk through the cultural landscape, from wukalina – Mt William, to larapuna - Eddystone Point.
The language of the project is derived from the siting, form and qualities of the traditional seasonal shelters of Tasmania’s first peoples that were predominantly made of arched branches and sheets of bark, forming a half-dome structures. Clad in charred Tasmanian timber, the individual structures appear as a series of discrete dark pavilions, merging as shadows into the surrounding dense banksia, camouflaging the camp when it is not in use. The exterior of the individual structures of the Standing Camp buildings are robust, tautly detailed and resilient to the corrosive sea air and to tampering. When the individual structures are opened, a warm half- domed blackwood-lined interior is exposed.
The project predominantly uses Tasmanian timber species and rigorously deploys timber detailing, and finishing to achieve a consistent material palette throughout the project. Used as a story-telling device, the materiality of wood is used to support a spatial narrative of concealing and revealing a refined interior, making architecture an agent to the Aboriginal community in the telling of their story.